About Us


We Bring Music to the Scene

Amor Yu Productions is an emerging player in the entertainment industry dedicated to bringing Filipino Music to the international scene.

AYP was founded by Rey Yu and Amor Yu in 2017 out of the desire to express their support and create opportunities for notable and aspiring Filipino Music Artists in showcasing their talents live in concert​s​ in the United States.


Conquering International Stage, One Pinoy Concert at a Time

Our position in the entertainment industry is to offer the Filipino – American audience the most amazing musical experience featuring​ their favorite local artists and through songs that will bring back their best memories.

Amor Yu Productions collaborates with successful investors, talented artists, reputable sponsors and highly experienced promoters that are all recognized leaders in providing live entertainment.

By working collaboratively, the team has developed more reliable business plans and marketing strategies to maximize all advertising efforts.

Amor Yu

& Chief Executive Officer

Accountant and entrepreneur by profession, Amor has an extensive experience in business and financial management having been involved in various companies
She holds a degree in Accountancy
from the Ateneo Davao University, and has a strong background in Theater Arts.


Rey Yu

Vice President
& Financial Business Strategist

An Electrical Engineer by nature, Rey has been greatly involved in managing industrial processing plants in Philippines and California, USA. As an engineer, his keen understanding of problem contexts and analysis lead him to developing equipment designs that are more reliable in maximizing profitability and efficiency.
Rey also holds a degree in Business Management from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati under the fast-track program. ​